Here is what we are doing to ensure the safety of our guests and family:

  1. All guests must agree to be temperature screened upon entry.  (We have turned away 3 guests already with temperatures over 100)
  2. Masks must be worn at all times when inside the Inn, except while dining at your table.  Outside on the property that is for guests to self monitor.
  3. The dining rooms has been set up to allow for 6 foot distancing and we are allowing breakfast to be served at any one of the 6 tables on the two levels of the porch.
  4. Rooms are sanitized on change overs with disinfectant and for extra protections with have invested in ultraviolet light room foggers to minimize viruses and bacteria.
  5. We are not changing rooms on a daily basis unless a guest is staying more than 4 days.  Towels may be refreshed at anytime by leaving them outside the room door.
  6. Common area spaces are wipes down twice a day with disinfectant to ensure cleaniness.


Requirements for guests and Innkeeper to be posted shortly